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Our production of covers for ironing machines

padding by lenght
ready - made pads and covers
cover-fabrics by lenght
clothes for steamformer and toppers

cutted-shape pads

nets for air-steam diffusion
all models manufactured covers

Spare parts for ironing and dry-cleaning machines

irons, spare parts and accessories
solenoid valves and spare parts
drycleaning heathers
steam valves for tables and presses
safety valves
pressure gauges
electromecanics equipments
plugs, sockets, switches
and control lamps
accessories for installations
spare parts for dry-cleaning machines
FPM tightness rings and gaskets
no shine PTFE shoes
ironing heathers
guns and spare parts
non return valves
automatic and sight level controls
pressure switches
pumps, suction fans and spare parts
air treatment-groups
and pneumatic spare parts
electric cables, steam and air hoses
and insulating covers
spare parts for ironing equipments
ironing equipments gaskets

Accessories, tables and boilers

accessories and use items
steam boilers and ironing tables